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As a project of Citizens United, the National Committee for Family, Faith and Prayer is a grassroots, bipartisan organization for concerned citizens who want to restore decency, morality and the sanctity of family to America. It is our goal to raise public and political awareness of the filth and anti-Christian bigotry in America today.

Christianity and its values are under constant attack from secular forces in our government, the media and Hollywood. Our children are exposed to a barrage of anti-Christian messages on an hourly basis from television and social media. Unless Christians unite against these forces, expose the dangers that are present and fight back with a pro-God and pro-Christian message, our nation and our Faith will be ripped away from us.

Christian values and the strength of family are two principles that this country was founded upon and made the United States the greatest nation on Earth.

These values must be protected and the National Committee for Family, Faith and Prayer is a watchdog that protects these rights and fights for them where and when they are attacked.


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Stand Tall And Worship Freely
Stand Tall And Worship Freely Billboard
Near Barksdale AFB, Louisianna
Mr. President, Let Them Pray
Let Them Pray Billboard
Near Ft. Benning, GA
Day of Prayer
National Day
of Prayer
Support Religious Liberty Ad
Support Religious
Liberty Ad

"Rediscovering God in America II" DVD
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