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Let Them Pray, Mr. President Billboards
The National Committee For Family, Faith, and Prayer, believes deeply in our right to religious liberty as it is enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution. This project seeks to draw attention to the recent attacks on religious freedom directed at our men and women in uniform. It is critically important that our heroes are free to practice their faith as they see fit, without fear of government intervention.

Help us support our men and women in uniform and their right to religious liberty in America!

Support Religious Liberty Ad
As the American Atheists exercise their 1st Amendment rights in Memphis this Easter weekend, The National Committee for Family, Faith and Prayer wishes to exercise our own sacred Constitutional right to freedom of religion by reminding all that Good Friday and the Easter Weekend serves as remembrance and celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus offers the free gift of salvation for each one of us.

Supporting Pro Life
The National Committee for Family, Faith and Prayer teamed up with former governor Mike Huckabee to take action against abortion. About 1.3 million abortions take place in the U.S. every year and it is time to recognize that this is a true concern. Abortion is not a state's concern, it's not about politics or parties, it's not about left or right; it's about right and wrong.

When an abortion takes places, it is with the idea that one life is less valuable than another. Biologically, life irrefutably begins at conception. An unborn fetus isn't the same as a days-old-baby; just like a 3-year-old isn't the same as it will be at 30. At whatever age, the fetus is still a human life. When you think about an unborn child with ten fingers and toes, it is incomprehensible how any sane person could come to any other conclusion than that this was a life.

According to recent Gallup and Pew polls, for the first time since 1973, the majority of women are pro-life. We are doing everything in our power to increase that number. We have a choice; let's just make the right one. With the help of our members and supporters, we will make sure the right choice is made.

Defending our National Day of Prayer
Right now a small but dangerous group is threatening to obliterate the name of God forever. The Freedom from Religion Foundation, the nation's largest Atheist group, is trying to get our National Day of Prayer declared un-Constitutional, which would open the floodgates to removing the mention of God from every aspect of our culture.

Can you imagine our children and grandchildren growing up in a society where we are FORBIDDEN to pray as a nation? It is UNTHINKABLE, but the reality is that all public mention of God would be erased, there would be a renewed effort to RE-WRITE our National Motto and Pledge of Allegiance – both of which refer to our Creator!

WE MUST defend our God-given right to pray. We are standing up to preserve our National Day of Prayer and need as many supporters as we can get to stand with us in this battle to preserve and defend our right to pray for our country. This is a long and expensive fight, but with the help of our members and supporters we will have the power to win.

Defending Christianity in the Military
Since Barack Obama took office, his Administration has launched an unprecedented attack on Christians in the military, while defending the rights of Muslims. Consider this:

September 2011 – Air Force Chief of Staff prohibits commanders from notifying airmen of programs and services available to them from chaplains.

May 2012 – The Obama administration opposed legislation to protect the rights of conscience for military chaplains who do not wish to perform same-sex marriages.

April 2013 - The Air Force consults only a military atheist group to create a "religious tolerance" policy. The groups' leader has described military personnel who are religious as 'spiritual rapists' and 'human monsters' and who also says that soldiers who express their faith are guilty of treason.

April 2013 – Officials briefing U.S. Army soldiers placed "Evangelical Christianity" and "Catholicism" in a list as examples of "religious extremism."

May 2013 - The Air Force forced an officer to remove his Bible from his own desk because it "might" appear that he was condoning the particular religion to which he belonged.

July 2013 - An Air Force chaplain who posted an article on the origin of the phrase "There are no atheists in foxholes" was officially ordered to remove his post because some were offended by the use of that famous World War II phrase.

The traditional role Christianity and God have played in our military dates back to General George Washington and is a cornerstone of the most powerful and effective fighting force in the world. These attempts to remove Christianity from the military will result in decreased morale among the troops and decimate our fighting forces. The National Committee for Family, Faith and Prayer is leading the fight to protect the rights our men and women in uniform to practice their Christian Faith.

"Nine Days That Changed the World"
Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista, along with Citizens United Productions, produced a documentary about Pope John Paul II's historic nine-day pilgrimage to Poland in June of 1979. This pilgrimage created a revolution of conscience that transformed Poland and fundamentally reshaped the spiritual and political landscape of the 20th century.

In the film, Newt and Callista explore what transpired during these nine days that moved the Polish people to renew their heart, reclaim their courage, and free themselves from the shackles of Communism. Within sixteen months of Pope John Paul II's pilgrimage, Solidarity became the first officially recognized free trade union in the Communist bloc, with over 10 million members. The momentum of this nine-day visit would eventually lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall in November of 1989 and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

With the help of our generous donors we are able to send out "Nine Days that Changed the World" DVDs to thousands of Americans. To get your personal copy of the DVD, visit

"Rediscovering God in America II: Our Heritage"
As a result of the tremendous response to our documentary "Rediscovering God in America," we teamed up once again with Newt and Callista Gingrich to produce a sequel - "Rediscovering God in America II: Our Heritage."

While the first film explored the presence of God in our nation's capital, in the sequel Newt and Callista take a look at the presence of God in our nation's heartland. Like the original film, "Rediscovering God in America II" shows how faith and God are historically interwoven into the fabric of America, and how these ideals and values are more relevant today than ever.

The National Committee for Family, Faith and Prayer worked hard to put the first film in the hands of thousands of Americans, and we're doing the same with the sequel. To get your personal copy of "Rediscovering God in America II," visit


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"Rediscovering God in America II" DVD
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